Our deep learning technology is transforming drug discovery

From a massive database of biological experiments, our algorithms learn deep models linking chemical structure to physiological function and target activity.

Our technology has been validated in vitro by multiple independent laboratories in various therapeutic areas. Its unprecedented accuracy is on par with most wide scale molecule screening experiments, and led to the discovery of novel drug leads.

The search for new drugs is still extremely slow and costly. Of 5000 leads that have been identified by researchers, only one has the properties required to become a medication.

Our modern machine learning approach enables us to rapidly and confidently screen a vast number of compounds and to identify high quality compounds with dramatically higher chances of success in progressing through preclinical drug discovery.

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Enabling molecular dynamics

We are building a complementary technology leveraging the most recent advancements in the field of deep learning to make accurate simulations of ligand-protein binding available at scale.

This allows our systems to directly model the chemical processes of the interactions between targets and arbitrary drug-like molecules, enabling us to generalize our findings to a wider range of compound classes and new targets that may not have existing experimental data.

Our company has already achieved several significant technical milestones in our first large-scale molecular docking prototype, which is orders of magnitude faster than any existing commercial system.

This technology will bridge the gap between the quantum and the physiological scale, enabling nearly unlimited predictions accuracy.

Service & partnerships

We offer services and collaboration opportunities for drug development from hit discovery to lead optimization. Our technology gives pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the opportunity to drastically reduce research time and costs while optimizing therapeutic efficacy. We predict:

We can screen large libraries or virtually generate de novo compounds to avoid costly and time consuming syntheses.

We are also looking for private or academic partners to test in vitro compounds that we first discover in silico.

In current projects, collaborating labs have confirmed the potential of compounds that we predicted purely in silico. This includes anti-SARS-Cov-2 repurposed drugs and novel inhibitors of HIV1. Our system is applicable to any therapeutic area.

We are eager to challenge any in-house or competitor benchmarks.

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In-house pipeline for life extension and age-related disorders

In our globally aging society, longevity research is the new frontier for medicine. Lifespan enhancing compounds will prevent, delay and reduce the frequency of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease. These illnesses are the largest burden on human health, and the leading causes of death.

We are using our new technologies and unique expertise in the mechanisms of aging to develop drug candidates for new longevity targets.


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Investment opportunity

We are seeking investments to expand our virtual screening service and develop our next generation technology.

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